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If you're like me...

You may have lived and travelled in different places, for family, work or discovery. Moving from hotels (not relaxed enough…) to bed and breakfasts (not independent enough…) you may have dreamt of putting your luggage down in a place that suits you:
To be able to cook (without the limitations of a standard kitchenette), and be a Michelin-starred chef when you feel like it…

Meeting other travellers and sharing convivial moments around a table, an impromptu aperitif… or simply savouring moments of solitude when you feel like it.

Mira créatrice de la Maison
Niort place de la Brèche

The city whose ♥️ is a garden

When I moved to Niort, apart from its reputation for its mutual insurance companies, the charm of this verdant, historic town, rich in legends and artistic and technological achievements, drew me back to the poetic, artistic world of the Belgian village I grew up in, a village with seven castles and many legends, bordered by forests and plants that have nurtured my preference for natural treatments.

Nature is omnipresent in Niort, and the Angelica is its age-old symbol.

After years in the music business, then working with musicians and their legendary stage fright, I specialised in stress management and creative coaching.

Imagining atypical accommodation and tailor-made solutions for professionals on the move was an obvious choice: that’s why I created La Maison d’Angélique!

travel well-being

Stress management and ” well-being at work ” are now the order of the day. 

Constant travel can be a source of burnout and an imbalance between personal and professional life. 

For many years, I dreamt of a machine to slow down time. I imagined myself in a more or less distant future, having found the key to Serenity, to ‘Flow’… I was keen to combine entrepreneurship, passion and global fulfilment… 

But it didn’t fit into my diary! 


bien-etre au travail

I imagined a sort of “well-being bubble”, a multi-sensory relaxation space with music, massage, scents, colours… everything you need to unwind between two days of intense work. I told myself that this would enable me to rediscover clarity and serenity every day, and to align my actions with my vision of the future and my deepest values…

So opening the Espace du Mieux-être, with its Infrared Sauna, Chi Vitaliser, Relaxation and Psio light therapy, was the second obvious step!

The "wellness bubble"


Imagine being able to take advantage of a business trip lasting a few days to take a break? Time to learn how to decompress, tame stress and turn it into a lever for development and a booster of creativity rather than an uncontrollable monster?

The combination of comfortable, relaxed accommodation, a host of services to make everyday life easier (laundry, cleaning, optional shopping and breakfast, etc.) and the ‘well-being bubble’ gives you an idea of what I’ve been looking for, imagining and then starting to build for years in Niort, next to the TGV station.

Welcome to my co-location hotel, my ephemeral co-living space, your Niort pied-à-terre… whatever you like to call it!


Do you have an idea, a project or a specific request about the Maison d’Angélique or the Bulle Bien-être? 

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