This is Not a Hotel

Let's be a little (Sur)realistic...

René Magritte was the first figurative painter of abstract thought. His best-known painting (although it is often called  ” ceci n’est pas une pipe “) is called ” La trahison des images “. 

His point of view?  To highlight the relationship between the object, its representation and language.

“I try, as far as possible, to make only paintings that evoke mystery with the precision and enchantment necessary for the life of ideas”. “Painting must serve a purpose other than painting”.

One of the reasons for its success is that it intrigues, questions and shocks our automatic system of representation. It is a famous painting, even among people who have no interest in painting or art…

And the spectators agree that the Belgian painter has succeeded… 

trompe l'oeil

the hotel: what if we deconstructed the concept?

Perhaps my ” belgitude ” helped me ” fall into the magic potion ” from childhood. 

Looking behind appearances, questioning the invisible and scratching beneath received ideas is second nature to me. 

And when I created Angélique’s house, I had in mind to create the accommodation that I’ve always dreamed of finding when I travel…

It’s not a classic long-term shared flat (I lost the taste for that when I was a student). Nor is it yet another Airbnb furnished mini studio… nor yet another “hôtel de la Gare”!

In my imagination (and yours?) the hotel evokes isolated and impersonal accommodation (whatever the goodwill of the managers and staff). There’s not much room to spread out, and the formality prevents me from wandering around in my pyjamas to stick my head in the fridge… still, it’s not done  😉!

A short-stay hotel can be very pleasant, but if you keep doing it over and over again, you end up with a whole host of disadvantages. Accumulating nights in totally depersonalised spaces and a lot of loneliness…

When you travel to work, a limited amount of “living” time seems obvious… Visiting a town full of natural and cultural resources, curiosities and entertainment like Niort can seem too tiring, out of context. 

But if we organised a fluid daily routine (laundry, cleaning, shopping, deliveries, practical advice available and people happy to assist you at the end of the phone…) couldn’t we imagine that curiosity would awaken?  

zero stress stay

Why not build a “zero stress” accommodation to avoid wasting time, energy, upsetting your state of mind and so much more?

In our “non-hotel”, we also like to deconstruct the routine, the dullness, the depression of “ordinary” days;

Our favourite invention? A sort of time-slowing machine, combined with the Wellness Space on the first floor.

We’ve been developing this wellness break for a number of years now, and we’re fine-tuning our services to help you relax, even when you’re on the move all the time!

(…ask us about our recipes for jet-lag, how to fold suitcases or our ‘Psio’ to take everywhere…) 


sejour zero stress

What if you could look forward to your next business trip to Niort, as a place to release pressure, reconnect and recycle stress into creative energy?

So until the sign painted on the side of the house appears with the words “Ceci n’est pas un hotel” …. you know you’ll be able to crack a knowing smile as you leave the station!

The "Wellness Bubble"


Imagine taking advantage of a business trip lasting a few days to take a break?

The “well-being bubble” is a multi-sensory space where you can discover the many paths to serenity. Take advantage of a trip to practise decompressing, even if you’re always on the move.

At the Espace du Mieux-être our Relaxation Bubble combines Infrared Sauna, Chi Vitalizer, Relaxation and Psio light therapy, with treatments and workshops to defuse stress and cultivate well-being on a daily basis.

Behind the appearances of a hotel co-location, ephemeral co-living, or professional gîte, we want to invite you to reconsider the travel experience and turn it into an opportunity for global evolution.

Our ambition? To make you feel at home immediately.

Then inspire you to slow down, breathe and fully savour the Present Moment.


Do you have an idea, a project or a specific request about the Maison d’Angélique or the Wellness Bubble?

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