temporary coliving


The housing crisis has brought things to a head: if you’ve just landed a job in Niort and are looking for temporary accommodation to prepare for your move, you’re probably wondering how to find quality accommodation, immediately and without going through endless formalities?   Young professionals, new arrivals in Niort, on assignment for a few months, geographical bachelors, or digital nomads passing through, do you really want to live in a hotel or a micro-studio, alone or cramped up?  


Our co-living scheme not only simplifies the process of finding temporary accommodation for you, it also guarantees that you’ll find answers to all the little everyday questions and an opportunity for immediate interaction in an unfamiliar city. Friendly encounters are often sorely lacking when you arrive in a city to work or study.
All of today’s big cities produce social isolation, which is as bad for your health as smoking and junk food… A major scourge since the Covid crisis, loneliness and anonymity are not inevitable.  


Have you ever had a simple conversation in an airport or on a bus at the end of the world?… With co-habitants who are staying for different lengths of time, meetings and encounters are akin to these “chance encounters in life”. It’s an opportunity to remember that travelling is an ongoing process of learning how to be young (in spirit) and agile, and perhaps even a poetic and philosophical way of putting the constantly renewed everyday into perspective…

coliving le rituel du café comme à la maison


coliving bien-être même au travail

Since 2009, the Espace du Mieux-être on the first floor of the house has been dedicated to taking the first steps on another journey: that of returning to oneself.

The hustle and bustle of everyday life, the constant stress, the chaos of information keep us constantly on the outside of our sensations, our deepest emotions, our Great Dreams of Life…

What’s up?

For thousands of years, the number 1 step in breaking the vicious cycle of “survival” mode has been RELAXATION.

Through massage, breathing, light, movement, sound… all the tools in our Wellness Bubble, which we have carefully selected over several decades, to overcome even the most entrenched and hardened stress.

In doubt? Try our PSIO. A little technological jewel that transports you from the Beta state (no, that’s not an insult… it’s the name of the brain waves linked to stress) to the Alpha state (waves characteristic of relaxation).

What if we were to wager that the ideal time to take care of your well-being was not yet?

or at work

(obvious…in ” productive ” mode, it is difficult to disconnect the mind from its ordinary state of consciousness, to modify our ” beta ” waves into ” alpha  “* waves)

or at home 

(do you have children? friends? a lawn to mow…?)

the best place CAN BE business travel

the weather is different. It’s an opportunity to acquire new skills.

Would you like to become a relaxation ninja? 

Some ideas

A terrace where people can meet for a drink or a picnic. A shared mini aromatic garden, Qi Gong classes when the weather is fine… workshops and ‘off-site’ meetings on well-being in the workplace…. are just some of the new possibilities that the refurbishment of the first floor, scheduled for summer 2024, promises…
And your ideas? 

coliving des idées un café