Keeping in touch

I share the belief that people are looking for a real experience beyond their accommodation;

Whether you’re a business traveller looking to spend a few nights or someone looking to stay for several weeks, my priority is to meet people and listen to their needs, whether by telephone or over a cup of coffee at La Maison d’Angélique during your stay.  

So it may be that your trip could be an opportunity to take some time out to slow things down a bit,  cook, visit Niort, stroll around…

…and why not pamper yourself by discovering our Wellness Bubble (Infrared Sauna, Chi Vitalizer, Psio Relaxation and Light Therapy…)?
Breathe in, relax, get a massage, discover kinesiology.
So many reasons to combine Work and Wellbeing, Travel and Open Space.

In the  form, tell us more about your expectations:
Your contact details, yes, but also what you’d like to find to make this stay a treasured memory… 

La maison d’ANGÉLIQUE 

contact : Mira B.BODSON


23 rue madame de Caylus
79000 Niort 

Station district


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